Our Apprentice Midwives

Kayce Pestrue, Apprentice Midwife

SONY DSCA Dallas/ Fort Worth local, Kayce Pestrue knew from a young age that she had a passion and desire to care for women and children, but never knew exactly what that would look like.

As an adult, a close friend and cousin chose an out of hospital birth with midwives and Kayce was opened up to a new world. In September of 2014, she left her long time job to move to Cleburne and begin her apprenticeship with Edenway.




As part of our commitment to midwifery, we actively participate in the education of future midwives. One of the ways that we do this is to use carefully chosen apprentices as our clinical and birth assistants. Our apprentice midwives/assistants are an integral part of our birth team and we consider them to be a huge asset to our practice.  While here working with us, apprentices are working through the didactic portion of their midwifery schooling, and the birth center is a teaching site for their clinical experience. During your pregnancy you will have the opportunity to meet and become comfortable with each apprentice. From your first appointment to the final checkup after your baby is born they will cheerfully serve you! Our apprentice midwives work under the direct supervision of the Licensed Midwives at Edenway Birth Center (Rosetta Schwartz CPM, LM, etc.)